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From pain-free laser hair removal to results-driven facials, Pure Vanity Spa in Arizona offers modern skincare services at a modern price. we believe that the pursuit of a glowing complexion and smooth youthful skin, is not vanity—it’s part of a healthy lifestyle choice. Experience the Pure Vanity Spa difference today and feel great in the skin you’re in!



The Great Pumpkin: A True Treat for Radiant Skin

Tasty pies and spiced lattes aside, pumpkins pack more than just a festive punch. Pumpkins are loaded with powerful antioxidants—namely vitamins A, B and C—that increase cell turnover and give skin a smooth, radiant luster. Pumpkin enzymes help not only banish dull...

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LED Therapy: Let Us Enlighten You!

What if we told you there is a way to revitalize your skin without any downtime or discomfort? Well that day has come! Actually LED light therapy has been around for almost 50 years thanks to NASA engineers. It’s only recently though that it has become a tool in the...

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