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The Pure Vanity Experience

Pure Vanity provides modern skin and body solutions at a modern price. The calm and contemporary Pure Vanity atmosphere beckons you to leave your troubles at the door and focus on renewing your appearance to emerge more confident and ready to face the world. Our innovative services merge the ultimate in comfort with lasting results and include the most advanced technology available for pain-free laser hair removal, radio frequency face lifts and body contouring, LED anti-aging and anti-acne light therapy, chemical peels and results-driven facials.

Our primary focus is on our clients and providing the highest value and care to meet each person’s individual needs. Because we stay ahead of the ever-evolving trends in the beauty and spa industry, our clients always benefit from the very best in proven techniques for pain-free laser hair removal and skin tightening, facials, body contouring and anti-aging treatments. In addition to improving skin health and appearance on your complexion and body, Pure Vanity’s exceptional spa team delivers sought-after treatments and body work that promote overall wellness—leaving you feeling as refreshed inside as you look on the outside. Every Pure Vanity spa location nationwide is committed to delivering on this promise.

We believe that that the pursuit of a glowing complexion and smooth youthful skin, is not vanity—it’s part of a healthy lifestyle choice. Experience Pure Vanity today and you will feel and see the difference!

To inquire about current openings or to submit your resume, email us at careers@purevanityspa.com.

Our Founders

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Pure Vanity was founded by Kanna and Dr. Tim Reilly, a dynamic wife-and-husband team dedicated to seeking out the most advanced and cost-effective skin and body treatments that previously, were only available through plastic surgery or costly spa visits. Their dedication to merging a relaxing spa atmosphere with advanced, non-invasive offerings and affordable luxury has culminated in the Pure Vanity experience. Backed by an extensive background in wellness and spa management, the founders live and breathe making the Pure Vanity experience the gold standard for the modern spa goer.