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Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal

Why be self-conscious of unwanted body hair? Get rid of it once and for all at Pure Vanity, where you’ll experience the most advanced laser hair removal technology available. Our pain-free laser hair removal services are administered by experienced, certified technicians who deliver the best care you could possibly receive.

If you think your body hair is stubborn, you’re right! Hair follicles are found deep below the skin’s layers and are resilient to many hair removal techniques not just because they are hard to get to, but they require direct impact at a specific time in the hair follicle’s growth cycle to ensure that follicle no longer produces hair.

You may already have tried countless hair removal treatments such as creams and depilatories, waxing, sugaring, even electrolysis and laser. Our FDA-approved technology is the most sought after, most advanced treatment available anywhere. Not only does it offer a safe alternative that will leave your skin soothed and soft to the touch, but Pure Vanity results are clinically proven. View FAQ’s.

Pure Vanity laser hair removal services are available at package prices to save you money and get you the results you want. Save even more by becoming a

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Small Area


($39 for members)
Package of 6, $295
Lip, chin, sideburns, back of neck, underarms, areola, navel, hands, feet or bikini line

Medium Area


($59 for members)
Package of 6, $395
Face, front of neck, tops of shoulders, upper arms, forearms or extended bikini

Large Area


($79 for members)
Package of 6, $595
Upper back, lower back, chest, abdomen, full bikini (Brazilian), buttocks, head, full arms, upper legs or lower legs

Extra Large Area


($119 for members)
Package of 6, $795
Chest and abdomen, full back or full legs